How Does Liposonix Ultrasound Work?

The liposonix treatment is designed to deliver high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy through this again to heat and destroy targeted fat cells similar to the way that light can be focused through a magnifying glass to create heat.

Since the ultrasound energy is specifically concentrated in the fat tissue the surface of the skin and surrounding tissue are not damaged during the treatment.
The treatment head is held in place while the unique liposonix pattern generator automatically moves the high frequency ultrasound transducer treating a consistent uniform area of abdominal fat tissue.


The operator then moves the head to the next treatment area this process continues until all sites are treated. Once the fat tissue is destroyed the body’s natural inflammatory process takes over and the remaining lipids and cellular debris are brought to the liver where the body naturally processes them. Over time the treated tissue contracts leaving you with a thinner more contoured waistline.