Liposonix Singapore

What is Liposonix?

It is an advanced technology device designed to destroy excess fat cells in the human body to enhance the body shape. The technology behind this device is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or also known as HIFU.

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A beam of ultrasound is focused towards the areas of body which have excess subcutaneous fat deposits. The energy contained in the beam of ultrasound is strong enough to permanently destroy the stubborn fat cells in those areas. Specially in areas like belly, thigh, arms, and waist.

before and after photo

It is different from other fat reduction methods such as a coolsculpting where you basically freezing it or other things that have been used. It is focused ultrasound that penetrates deep into the skin and really destroys a precise this is what I like about it, it’s very precise on how it works. This treatments has also been popular in Singapore for the last 5-8 years due to its effectiveness, and safety.


Sculpt your body

Liposonix helps in custom contouring to gain the ideal body shape which most of the people are fighting to get. Custom contouring means the procedure of destroying fat cells in specific areas like waistline, and love handles, so that helps in enhancing a perfect trimmed look.

Reduction of waistline simply means it helps in reducing your dress or pant size. This is a non surgical treatment; definitely a more comfortable, and safer treatment. Only a beam of ultrasound get into action of destroying fat cells, it does not cause any pain. This offers direct, visible results on hard-to-treat fatty areas – without having to go “under the knife” or suffer any downtime after treatment.


Watch Liposonix in Action

Risks and Side Effects?

LipoSonix has been put through over 100 controlled pre-clinical and clinical studies to establish safety and show evidence of the aesthetic results. It is a pain free treatment that is categorized as a non invasive plastic surgery, and no involvement of anesthesia.

Side effects of this procedure very few. Some people may experience discomfort for a short time after the session, but this is expected. In other cases, temporary redness, discoloration and water retention can occur, though likely for a short period.

Overall the procedure is painless, though some patients report a warm, tingling sensation and mild discomfort.


How long is the process?

One single session of treatment will not take longer than 1 hour. Even though the treatment is done quickly, your body still takes 8-10 weeks to remove the residues of dead fat cells.

Therefore results are most likely to be shown in 8-10 weeks after treatment. But this period of time is simply out of risk and worth anticipating the results. If you really want to try a better alternative for eliminating unnecessary fat without surgery, do not hesitate to choose this treatment, because it’s safe, affordable, quick and gives you long lasting results.


Result – Before After Photos

The Best Alternative to Liposonix – 10 Kg Fat Loss in 21 Days

abdomen area – get rid of muffin top, love handles
outer thigh result
outer thigh result



Review from Melissa on the procedure

Melissa – Losing that last pound of fat:

Today I’m having my procedure the liposonix and I’m a little nervous but Dr. Amron has made me feel really comfortable about this and I have confidence that he’s going to make it even better than I do now.


I’m hoping to achieve more confidence after liposonix. My midsection has always been my biggest concern because that’s where hearing lost my weight so I’m hoping to get a summer look and continue working out and eating healthy to reach my goal for my dream body.

I have recently lost 30 pounds and most about weight was in my midsection but there’s always like that last few pounds in the fat that’s in the center of the abdomen a lot of women have trouble with love handles and that’s where my concern is.


Dr Amron – No surgery Needed:

I want to make clear that you know this is a non-surgical alternative to lipo sculpture surgery or liposuction. This method is for people that really don’t want to do liposuction and don’t want to undergo surgical procedure first. With this procedure like lipo sculpture surgery in a way you really are destroying fat tissue. I think is the first alternative I’m putting my trust and faith behind that I feel can deliver.


Melissa – No Downtime:

I want the non-surgical route because with my lifestyle I’m a full time students and I work full time and I can’t afford to take a few weeks off to recover and since there is no downtime with liposonix I feel like it would suit my lifestyle.


Dr Amron – 1 Treatment 1 Hour 1 Size Smaller:

The liposonix is it is a system that you can do one treatments and get a significant improvement with just one treatment. They say pinch an inch and an one hour treatment only. That it really is true, so I really feel it does deliver for patients who don’t want to do surgery.



As if right now on the liposonix I’m thinking I’m just needing one treatment but I’m going to see how it goes and defined end of needing at another one that’s for a little bit more of a touch up and yeah I would come back.

Dr Amron – Side Effects, Risks:

it will generally work in about 2 or 3 months it doesn’t work right away you may get a little bit of light bruising with it, you may have a little light swelling the procedure itself is fairly tolerable usually feel some heat under skin, a little bit of tingling feeling you pretty much can resume normal activities or probably wait till tomorrow if you want to start exercising.


Dr Amron – Who is really a good candidate for liposonix?

It’s certainly it’s not for everybody but a good candidate is somebody who has stubborn, disproportionate areas, who has a moderate layer of fat. It has to be about an inch that they can pinch; an inch thickness of fat.

If the patients are very overweight they are just NOT going to see improvements from something like liposonix for that type of person they first need to lose weight and get in shape and also consider surgical liposuction. However, If the patient falls in a range of an inch or more of that it’s not too thick of a layer of fat, liposonix is a good alternative.


Frequently Asked Question:

What is the cost of liposonix in Singapore?

It could range between SGD 2000 and 5000. It depends on the size of area covered by the machine (the transponder is 6×6 cm). It also depends on how many areas you want to be treated in order to achieve your desired body.

Testimonial from another plastic surgeon:

Dr David Amron MD – Cosmetic Surgery Expert

As many of you know I do a lot of liposuction. It’s my practice. It’s where I specialize in. Up until now I have not been a supporter of anything to non-surgical, noninvasive fat tissue removal.

Liposonix is the first system that I really put my support behind and my trust in with my patients, so I do think that this is the machine that works. It’s been used around the world for a number of years with a lot of good data supporting its effectiveness and it was recently FDA approved in the united states to target and thermally destroy fats and I’ve decided incorporated for those patients who really would prefer a non-surgical option to liposuction.